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Solar Freedom Australia

The vision for the founders of Solar Freedom Australia was quite simple when they started – offer the best solar equipment at the most competitive pricing – make solar power affordable for every householder – give as many people as possible the power and opportunity to generate their own electricity for FREE. “Free electricity” is the term used when people generate their own power, thus eliminating the cost of purchasing “grid” power.

Solar Freedom Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian founded and owned business with offices/warehousing in both Queensland and Victoria. We pride ourselves on our growing reputation as a company that delivers its promise of quality products, superior customer service, and “solar freedom” for all Australian households.

All our solar equipment including our photovoltaic solar panels and inverters are sourced from the most reputable manufactures in Europe and Asia. Our stringent quality control systems ensure that our products and processes are scrutinised above and beyond Industry Standards enabling a seamless transition between delivery, installation and customer satisfaction. We only use products that meet Australian Standards and are Clean Energy Council approved. All of our installers are not only CEC licensed electricians but have also met our own internal requirements.

We are responsible for installations, across the entire Eastern Seaboard and in remote rural regions helping communities achieve affordable solar energy solutions, beneficial not only to their financial needs but also to the greater good of the environment.

Over the years we have established strong relationships with industry leading manufacturers, service providers and energy consultants, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and technological advances. This, coupled with our renowned customer service attributes is the backbone of our growing success.

We have achieved sustained success, not due to huge advertising campaigns, but more so, on the “word of mouth” principle where one satisfied customer passes on their experience to another and so forth. We will continue to provide the best quality equipment at the most competitive pricing, and hope to bring “solar freedom” to your home soon.

To read how we achieve our competitive prices please click here.

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